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We are an established link that enables educational organisations and institutions to connect with a global network of talented people

Who Are We?

Our Mission

We aim to improve university students’ understanding of China. We want to inspire the next generation of Chinese children to learn English. We strive to establish all-round education syllabi to complement Chinese children’s usual classroom experience and promote their emotional and intellectual development. Through our programmes, university students from across the globe are able to explore Chinese culture and contribute to peaceful international relations.

Our Belief

China is fast becoming a world superpower. But most students in the English-speaking world have little opportunity to explore Chinese culture and understand China’s development. Our ambassadors at summer camps in China explore Chinese culture and language first-hand in a fun, exciting and engaging environment. This experience fosters cultural understanding and helps each and every one of our ambassadors develop their CV and progress their careers.

Core Value


Be creative and inventive in everything you do


Throw yourself into tasks with energy, enthusiasm and dedication


Be ready to adapt to a new, exciting culture

Lovvol Facts

Years of Experience



Why China

It’s an amazing country with a long history, a rich culture, a diverse range of places to visit and beautiful scenery!

There are modern cities and beautiful rural areas to be visited, delicious food to be tasted and unique experiences to be explored!

Employers are increasingly looking for graduates with an understanding of Chinese culture and language as China’s global importance continues to rise.

An exposure to China through one of our programmes is the first step in engaging with the country – allowing you to grow your career with China in mind.

Why Lovvol

Completely FREE OF CHARGE – we understand students run a tight budget, especially in the current economic climate, but that shouldn’t stop you from exploring the world.

We have 10 years of experience in organising volunteering and travel opportunities in China and are committed to making your experience of China as rewarding as possible.

Partner up with specialised organisations, we provide you valuable training prior to departure, giving you the confidence to participate the programme and enjoy the whole experience.

Being Lovvol Ambassadors, you will be notified with further internship and career opportunities in the UK and China, not only in education industry but also engineering, business, IT and many more.

Our Team



Helen has worked in the international education industry for over 10 years. Since she founded Lovvol in 2006 as a parttime venture to set up a culture exchange programme with a provincial Chinese government, Helen has continuously developed a range of life changing experiences and programs with responsible Chinese organisations. Helen now oversees the organisation’s Programme Development, Compliance, and Partner Management.



Steph has worked in international summer schools and programmes for the last decade, and has been fortunate enough to travel to Shanghai, Beijing, Xiamen and many other places in China. Steph interviews and places successful candidates, and offers ongoing support, both pre-departure and during volunteers time in China or Mongolia. She also works with our partners in China, to ensure student satisfaction on programme (and will often come and visit you during your placement!)



Daniel studied Natural Science at the University of Cambridge and has brought his experience of volunteering and travelling in a diverse range of countries to Lovvol. Since begining his career Daniel has worked extensively in China, Mongolia and the rest of the far east. He is now spreading the word about China to students around the world. Daniel is so commited, he even married a Chinese lady.

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