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Learn about China

China is home to one of the world’s oldest and most interesting civilisations. Learn how to make dumplings, take calligraphy lessons, become a kung-fu master and dive deep into Chinese culture.

Increase Employability

China is becoming central to the world economy, politics and development. Boost your CV by developing your understanding of Chinese culture and Mandarin.

Boost Child Education

Play your part in the education of the next generation of Chinese children. From urban centres to rural villages, all children will need an understanding of English and foreign culture in this increasingly globalised world

Travel in Exciting Places

Take the opportunity to visit the terracotta warriors in Xi’an, cycle around beautiful karst mountains in Yangshuo or get lost in Beijing’s hutongs. China is a vast country with something for all types of traveller

Do You Have?

An Open Mind




An interest in travel and new cultures

Interest in Working with Children

Lovvol Programmes

English Teaching

A programme delivered by our TEFL-trained ambassadors focussed on inspiring Chinese students to learn English and our ambassadors to explore Chinese culture.

Cultural Exchange

A unique programme for Ambassadors and students to exchange language and culture through participating in a less educational setting, through fun workshops, activities and excursions

Inspiring Future

Designed by the award winning UK training company, Future Foundations, and delivered by well-trained Ambassadors, this unique holistic education programme aims to improve Chinese students interpersonal skills and all-round development

Programme Details

All our programmes run during the Chinese summer holidays, from early July to late August

From 8 days to 2 months depending on your availability, with the option to travel after volunteering

Choose from a range of locations, including both urban and rural settings

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