Frequently Asked Questions

When do the programmes run?

Our programmes run in the Chinese summer holidays between the end of June and end of August.

How long do the programmes run for?

The programmes at different schools run for varying periods of time. The minimum length is 1 week and the maximum about two months. We can work with you to find the school which best suits your availability.

How much choice do I have over location?

We welcome you to tell us your preferred locations and we will work with you and the partner schools to find the best match for you. However, we cannot guarantee that you will definitely obtain your number one location as we run a competitive selection process.

I am not British or American, can I apply?

Yes, of course. The only requirement we have is that you speak native-level English. We have had volunteers from many countries, e.g. Norway and Spain, in the past who have had a brilliant time on our programmes.

What are the main differences between the TEFL English Teaching, Cultural Exchange and Future Foundations programmes?

The TEFL English Teaching programme focusses on teaching English in the classroom. You will spend several hours a day teaching English and will qualify for a TEFL qualification at the end. The Cultural Exchange is what it says on the tin – a cultural exchange. You will undertake some English teaching but mainly take part in cultural exchange activities, e.g. dumpling making, mask making and musical exchanges. In the Oxbridge Futures programme, you will first be trained in the UK before delivering an holistic education syllabus to Chinese children. This will include a variety of games and activities to teach English in a new and exciting way.

When will I find out where I will spend my summer?

We will confirm your place on the programme as quickly as we can after receiving your application. However, your final destination will be confirmed in April or May as this is when the schools finalise their plans for the summer camps.

What type of visa will I need?

Once we have confirmed your offer, we will send you all the information you need for arranging your visa. Most ambassadors will travel on an F visa and we will arrange all the necessary invitation letters for you.

How much money will I need for the summer?

Accommodation and food are provided FREE OF CHARGE at your school so your personal costs are kept to a minimum. You will need to pay for your own flights, visa and travel within China but then get food and accommodation for free. You will then only need money for extra food and drinks and activities outside the school programme.

Can I get funding and scholarships?

Lovvol does not offer any scholarships itself. However, many universities and colleges provide travel grants and scholarships. Please contact your university internship or career services for more information.

How old will the children I teach be?

The age of the children will depend on your school. Children range from 5 to 17 years old with some schools even having adult classes. Let us know your preference and we will try and match you to the right school for you.

What activities will I get to do?

The activities which your programme runs will again depend on your location. In areas like Yangshuo in Guangxi, you can go kayaking, hiking and caving. While in urban areas like Beijing and Shanghai, you can spend afternoons at tea shops, go and see acrobatics or explore historical treasures.

Will I be able to learn Mandarin?

All of our schools offer you the chance to learn Mandarin. If you want to get your Chinese lingo going, make sure you let us know in advance so that we can arrange classes for you!

Can I travel after the programme ends?

We encourage all of our ambassadors to travel China as much as they can after finishing their programme. We can help you work out where you want to travel and point you in the right direction.

Don’t see your question here?

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!

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