Cultural Exchange



Xiamen, Quanzhou, Zhangzhou – Fujian Province

Locations are varied


July 10th – Aug 20th

Living Expenses

Full board accommodation and local excursions are providedd


You will help run a series of fun activities for Chinese children and engage in cultural exchange workshops. You will also learn Mandarin one of the prestigious mandarin teaching universities – Chinese Language & Culture of Huaqiao University.

Programme Details

Time & Location

Contact hours

8 hours: 8:30 – 11:30; 14:30 – 17:30; 19:00 – 21:00


Xiamen, Quanzhou and Zhangzhou – Fujian Province

Arrival & Departure

We advise you arrive on 9th of July and leave on 21st of Aug.

Excursion options

The famous attractions of Xiamen, Quanzhou and Zhangzhou 

Other benefits

Chinese language sessions and experiencing Chinese culture, location life style, studying in the best Chinese TCFL College, listening to the famous cultural scholars explaining Chinese-western culture, philosophy and aesthetics, joining forum activities

Programme Details

Main purpose

Let Chinese students engage with students form the world’s best universities and provid a culture exchange opportunity for both group

Student details

15 – 20 students a class

12-18 years old

Various level of English

Pre-programme tranning

3 to 5 days work training on cross culture and projects


A Chinese speaking student majoring in English will be present in each class, helping translate during courses, outdoor activities and forum, parties etc.

Speciality of the programme

This activity is not just organised for Chinese students, but also for foreign ambassadors. Each ambassador has the chance to communicate with the students from other countries. We have taken ambassadors’ needs into full consideration, made good arrangements for ambassadors in culture experience, study, communication, forum and travel etc.

Programme arrangement

Monday – Friday
Morning lessons in class; afternoon activities and excursions; evening activities and parties on campus
Free time or organised excursions or short trips

Benefits for ambassadors

The ambassadors have opportunities to experience and learn Chinese culture to communicate with the Chinese students on forums.


Local temperature

Around 25 – 30 Celsius


College hall, three meals a day, 7:00 – &:30; 11:30 – 12:00; 18:00 – 18:30

Drinking water available


Students’ domitory, four to a bed room with bedding provided.

Western Toilet style

Laundry, Wifi, PC / Laptop, Air-conditioning available

PAYG Sim card provided

We can help to purchase locally.

Programme Arrangement

Week 1

Explore Maritime Silk Road

Week 2

Cultural Exchange

Week 3

Cultural Exchange

Week 4

Simulation Courses

Week 5

Modernization of China

Week 6

One Belt and One Road

Testimonial & Gallery


Have you ever wondered what sand worms taste like?

They’re DELICIOUS! Well, at least at the ones they serve at Xiamen, China of course, and no, sand worms don’t taste like chicken at all.

As part of my mission to maximise experiences before my time in this brief existence runs out, with great hesitation and apprehension, I packed me bags and flew to China for a month-long volunteering project.

Now whenever I tell people that I’m volunteering in China, the picture that forms in mind is usually that of me teaching English to poor, underprivileged kids up in the mountains or something. Although some of the volunteers have indeed been sent to rural areas, I was placed at Xiamen, which is one of the more affluent places in China (apparently the most environmentally clean in the whole of China as well!)

Hence, sorry to disappoint you but I have no experience of sharing toilets with snakes or scorpions 😛

So yeah! What have I been up to China?! Read more HERE

Henry Lee

Ambassador 2015, University of Oxford

I traveled to Shanghai, Qi Dong, Changsha and Xiamen. I taught English to the children of poor migrant workers, I taught children who’d never been to school before. I met people from Italy, South Africa, Hungary, Russia, Romania, Spain, Egypt, the UK and more. I learned Mandarin. I learned that even if I don’t feel 28, I am definitely 28. I learned that six weeks can feel like four life times and that jet lag is real and real serious. I’m irrevocably changed by what I’ve seen and felt in China.

I feel like I left one home for another. But I’ll return. Read more HERE

Anthony Swan

Lovvol Ambassador 2016

Camp Location & Local Attractions

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