Shanghai English Teaching Programme - City & Rural


Suburb of Shanghai and another rural city in Shanxi / Jiangxi Province

4th – 17th July: Shanghai ZLL Primary School

18th – 31st July: A rural school in Shanxi / Jiangxi province

1st – 14th August: Shanghai ZLL Primary School

15th – 28th August: A rural school in Shanxi / Jiangxi province

Full board accommodation and local excursions are provided.  Ambassadors should be advised that the standard of accommodation in the rural school relative to Shanghai (which is more typically western) will be more of a challenge (See Anna’s testimonial below)

July / August 2016

You will be provided TEFL training prior to departure and onsite teaching supervision during the beginning of the programme. Then you will be teaching 7 -13 years old school children from less privileged families in both locations independently or with translation support depending on the situation. There will be some out of classroom teaching or activities as well. The key purpose is not only teaching English in a fun and relaxed environment but also raising the children’s interest in English and western culture.


TEFL Certification

Successfully complete a 4 week period, and you can claim your TEFL Certificate – a qualification recognised worldwide

Two Locations

You will get the chance to see both urban and rural places, experiencing the juxtaposition of modern China


There are four start dates for the programme providing flexibility. You can also stay a bit longer if you wish. Just let us know in advance

Doing GOOD

Reliant on limited public funding and donations, the schools are able to teach less privileged children who would otherwise not receive an education

See How Anna Described Her One Week in Shanxi

“The trip was tough and made me appreciate what I take for granted at home. Even though life over here is much more basic than in Shanghai people seem to be happy. This part of China really is still developing and I think it would be interesting to see what it will look like in 10 years time!”

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Anna Ferguson

Programme Participant 2012

Camp Location



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