Storyland - Literature, Reading and Creative Thinking Programme

Inspire young people to access reading, think creatively and to use their imaginations


There are two programmes running:

A: 28th June – 28th July

B: 29th July – 29th August

Twin rooms with Western Bathrooms

Lunch is provided on campus, with other meals in local restaurants

June 2019

Since 2014, Storyland have been inspiring children from ages 3 to 15 to become fluent, passionate readers and writers. Every day we work hard to share our knowledge of literature, to show the importance of thinking deeply, and to impart the value of creativity.

Program Details

You will be provided with a pre-departure handbook that contains everything you need to prepare for your adventure in China. This will include a full daily schedule for the camp, including the weekend trips available to you, and the details of the addresses of both school and accommodation. We will assist you in the application for the visa, both through our recommended Visa Application Centre and with an invitation letter from the school.

After you’ve received your visa, book your flights and insurance well ahead of time to take advantage of deals on offer.

We recruit excellent Students to share their experience of reading and studying abroad. In addition, through training and their own experience, they can help Chinese students on guided reading in the library to inspire independent readers and critical thinkers.  Our working day is from Monday to Friday,9:00am to 18:00pm,one hour lunch break. In the whole day,the students will guide the children reading in the library and they can attend class to listen and recording,and they also will do some interesting activities related to reading and creative project.


During the course of the programmes, volunteers will be providing support to young people from 3-15 in their literary journey – responsibilities can range from activities focused, assisting on excursions, speaking confidently about favourite books and stories, and assisting with creative writing.

Benefits for Ambassadors
  • Mandarin Classes
  • Chinese Culture Exchange Workshops
  • Visits to cultural and historical places
  • Additional recommendations of places to visit to meet volunteers interests
  • Assistance with Chinese Sim Card (if wanted)
About the Students

Whilst the ages range from 3-15, students will be divided up by school grade, and so language levels and activities will differ by class. Within the classes, there will be around 8 students per class, with support from Chinese teachers for translation if needed.

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